Jaibhim Foundation

Jaibhim Foundation is a charitable organisation operating under the leadership of Ezhuchi Thamizhar Dr.Thol Thirumavalavan. Mr. Gauthama Sanna in his role as the Secretary of the organisation, acts as its administrative in-charge. Jaibhim foundation is a part of a larger effort to revitalise the Ambedkarite awakening that first came about in 90s. The Ambedkar foundation has been established with an aim to place firmly in every village/region/camp, Ambedkarism as a counter offensive against Sanatan forces. The Jai Bhim 2.0 project and Jaibhim Publications have been set-up as first steps in this action plan.

Jaibhim 2.0 Project

-Jaibhim 2.0 project aims to take Ambedkarite Thoughts to people in every village and town in Tamil Nadu.

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To join as Ambassador of Equality

There are more than two lakh government employees, officers, doctors, lawyers, teachers who have benefited from the reservation that revolutionary Ambedkar worked hard for...

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Ambedkariyam 50

A huge collection of about 21,000 pages in 50 volumes based on the thought process and philosophy of revolutionary Ambedkar, the pinnacle of vast knowledge.

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Ambedkar/Periyar/Ayothitasar/Thiruma Padippagam which are already working in your area can join this scheme and create great integration at Tamil Nadu level. Through it Ambedkar's dream can be realized. Students who want to fulfill Ambedkar's dream fill the application form here and send it....

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Interested in hosting a Jaibhim 2.0 event in your area?

If more than 300 people join the Jaibhim 2.0 program, Eruchithamizhar will preside over the event and present Ambedkarian ambassador certificates...

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